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The popularity of slot games is still increasing, and hundreds of new games are being developed as we speak.  No wonder they’ve been for ages the most captivating attractions in the online casinos, with millions of in-game players every day. But do you know how it all began?

A brief history of slot machines: from heavy machinery to free slots games

It all began in the year of 1891, in Brooklyn, NY. A company named Sittman and Pitt developed the slot machine based on the principles in the game of poker. The machine at first had five drums, on which a total of 50 cards facing up was shown. The gamblers would pull down a lever which would set in motion the five drums. When the drums stopped spinning, the gamblers would hope to receive a good poker hand. And if they were lucky enough, they would even receive a payout.

The first slot machine had a very peculiar payout

The slot machine developed by the aforementioned company didn’t even have a payout! Instead, it would pay the winning players in alcoholic beverages or cigars, based on how well the player won.

The first slot machine to ever have symbols

Later on, in the city of San Francisco, a guy named Charles Fey was the first man to ever design a slot machine that had spinning reels, not drums. This machine had a name: Liberty Bell.  More than that, Fey’s machine used symbols, for the first time in history, instead of cards. Liberty Bell disposed of five symbols: a horseshoe, a diamond, spades, hearts and a bell (hence the name). To my mind that was the very beginning of a new era. The cards were replaced with symbols, and the drums were replaced with reels. Slot machines were never the same again, because Fey also came up with an automatic payout mechanism.

Nowadays slots are very user friendly, and the graphics and sound effects are almost out of this world. But there’s another thing about slots that makes people go crazy. And that is the free demonstrative variations of the slot game that don’t require a single cent to be wagered. Today I’m going to speak about these free variations, which enable players to continuously test their skills and abilities.

Get familiarized with the concept of casino slots by playing for free

If you’re new to the universe of online gambling, it’s best that you first test the games instead of just playing with real money from the very beginning. This way, you’ll have a better understanding not only of the mechanics of the game, but also of its pay lines. Bear with us and find out why is it crucial to familiarize first with the variants of the game that don’t require real money to be wagered.

What are casino slots without deposit you may ask?

In other words they are free slots games. You can access them without having to make a first deposit in the casino. They are destined mostly for inexperienced players who want to grasp the basics of the game, but that doesn’t mean that other players cannot have fun playing free slots games. Sometimes even the most seasoned players long for relaxation, and they find it in playing free variants of slots with which they would test their skills and learn new strategies.

Whether you simply want to relax a bit without wagering real money in a casino, or revise your knowledge on casino games, casino slots without deposit will come to your aid at any cost.

Allow yourself the luxury of playing for free casino slots without deposit

Especially if you’re a newcomer, don’t be ashamed of trying something you’re not particularly good at. Even if you’ve never played slots before, you never know what hidden talents lie within you. And  you will only discover them if you get out of your comfort zone.

Online Slots, there’s more to choose

There are hundreds of free variants online, so you just need the time to try them all. You’ll find free slots games with three, five or even ten reels, all of them being based on different themes. Without even putting much effort into it, you’ll easily find movie themed slots, or even slots inspired from the most notorious TV series of all times. Even here on our platform you can find the best demonstrative casino slots without deposit you can play for free. We figured that our players might enjoy the online casino experience without having to get a cent out of their pocket.

Give casino slots without deposit a chance, and increase your chances of winning with real money!

Free slots games are here to help you learn the basics, so what are you waiting for?